Dr. Siciliano

View More: http://jennography.pass.us/rileyMichael D. Siciliano
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Public Policy and Public Administration (2012)
University of Pittsburgh
2124 AEH
Phone: 312-413-5177

Curriculum Vitae

Michael Siciliano’s research interests are interdisciplinary and center on the policy making and administrative implications of human and inter-organizational networks. His work investigates the factors influencing network formation as well as the effect of social structure on individual and collective behavior, decision-making, and performance. Substantive fields of interest include education policy, disaster management, and knowledge utilization. His work in K-12 education investigates the formation of teacher networks in schools and the impact of teacher collaboration on self-efficacy, commitment, and student performance. In the area of disaster management, he focuses on understanding the determinants of organizational collaboration in the wake of natural disasters. He spent time on the ground after the Haitian earthquake and has studied the organizational networks that emerged in Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami and in Japan following the 2011 earthquake. He is currently developing a multi-year study of evidence-based research utilization by policymakers. His work has been published in the journals Social Networks; Risk, Hazards, and Crises in Public Policy; Earthquake Spectra; and the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis.

Alumni Testimonials

2012 MPA

Practical, versatile, foundational, relevant, transformational.

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