Dr. Mossberger

Karen Mossberger,
Ph.D., Political Science (1996)
Wayne State University

Public Administration (M/C 278)
132 CUPPA Hall
phone: 312-413-8246
fax: 312-996-8804

Curriculum Vitae

Karen Mossberger is Professor of Public Administration and Head of the Public Administration Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She teaches courses on public policy, administrative theory, and local government management. Her research interests include local governance, urban policy, policy learning, information technology and e-government.
Her forthcoming book on Digital Cities: The Internet and the Geography of Opportunity (Oxford University Press, fall 2012) is co-authored with Caroline Tolbert and William Franko. The book examines the potential of cities for generating spillover benefits from broadband use, with national data to compare technology use across urban, suburban and rural areas, across the 50 largest cities, and across neighborhoods using a unique Chicago study. She is co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Urban Politics with Susan Clarke and Peter John. Previous books include Digital Citizenship: The Internet, Society and Participation (Mossberger, Tolbert and McNeal 2008, MIT Press) and Virtual Inequality: Beyond the Digital Divide (Mossberger, Tolbert and Stansbury 2003). “Race, Place, and Information Technology” won the best paper award for the Public Policy Section of the American Political Science Association in 2005. Mossberger is currently evaluating the Smart Communities Program, a federally-funded technology training and outreach program in 5 low-income Chicago neighborhoods. Other research has been on cross-sectoral collaboration for social service delivery in the Chicago metropolitan area, with Rebecca Hendrick. Her research has been funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Chicago Community Trust, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Smith Richardson Foundation, Ohio Urban University Program, and the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement, among others. She is co-editor of the Georgetown University Press series on American Governance and Public Policy. She was also the 2009-2010 President of the Urban Politics Section of the American Political Science Association.

Alumni Testimonials

Anna Baccellieri


My graduate experience in the UIC Department of Public Administration prepared me for my role in higher education as well as equipped me with the tools necessary to lead change and innovative management in other government and nonprofit organizations. The blend of current theory and applied knowledge is a strength of the UIC curriculum. The faculty are leaders in public administration research and engage students in thoughtful dialogue and challenging projects. The administrative staff is very encouraging and offers great support and service to students.

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