Dr. LeRoux

DG12_10_37_032.jpgKelly LeRoux , Associate Professor
Ph.D., Political Science, 2006
Wayne State University
Public Administration (M/C 278)
2118 AEH
phone: 312-355-2672
fax: 312-996-8804
email : kleroux@uic.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Professor LeRoux conducts research on nonprofits’ voter mobilization and
political advocacy activities and also studies issues of nonprofit
performance, accountability, and networks. Her research has been published
in more than a dozen public and nonprofit management journals including
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Journal of Public Administration
Research and Theory, Public Administration Review, Journal Urban Affairs,
and Administration & Society.

Sponsored Research Projects

Nonprofits and Implementation of the NVRA

Nonprofits Increase Voting

Impact of the Arts on Civil Society

Alumni Testimonials

2012 MPA

Practical, versatile, foundational, relevant, transformational.

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