Dr. Hendrick

Rebecca Hendrick,  Professor
Ph.D., Political Science (1986)
Michigan State University

Public Administration (M/C 278)
135 CUPPA Hall
phone: 312-355-0305
fax: 312-996-8804

Curriculum Vitae


Professor Rebecca Hendrick’s current work merges the four areas of financial management, organizational theory, public finance, and governance focusing on local governments in a regional context. She is the author of a book entitled Managing the Fiscal Metropolis that will be published in fall 2011 by Georgetown University Press. The book examines how suburban municipal governments in the Chicago metropolitan area manage their finances within the fragmented system of governance that exists in this region and the decentralized system of state-local governance that exits in Illinois. It identifies the primary factors and events that affect these governments’ financial decisions and financial condition and explores the strategies municipal officials use to solve financial problems and manage financial condition.

The book also looks at the impact of different factors and stresses on municipal government financial policies, practices, and financial condition.
Professor Hendrick’s other research examines the nature and impact of local government tax competition in the Chicago region and the State of Florida (Urban Affairs Review, 2007; Public Finance Review, 2009) and the effects of local government fragmentation on spending (Urban Affairs Review, 2011). Most recently, she has looked in-depth at the reaction of the City of Chicago to the Great Recession and its likely affects on the city’s future finances (Municipal Finance Review, 2011).

Articles & Links

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