Beam, George D.
Associate Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., Political Science, University of Michigan (1963): public administration theory, quality management, methodology, ethics.

Blankenship, L. Vaughn
Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., Management, Cornell University (1962): budgeting, science and technology policy, public administration history, information technology.

Carr, Jered
Department Head and Professor. Ph.D., Public Administration, Florida State University (2000): public administration, urban policy, local government administration, metropolitan governance, civic
engagement, public service delivery, and intergovernmental management.

Hendrick, Rebecca
Director of Graduate Studies-PhD and  Professor. Ph.D., Political Science, Michigan State University (1986): budgeting, financial management, management, organization theory, research methods and statistics.

Holbrook, Allyson
Associate Professor. Ph.D., Social Psychology, Ohio State University (2002): survey research, design, questionnaire construction, political psychology, social identity, statistics.

Johnson, Timothy
Professor and Director of the Survey Research Laboratory. Ph.D., Sociology, University of Kentucky (1988): research methods and statistics, survey research, evaluation research, policy areas: substance abuse, homelessness, social epidemiology.

Kolenda, Ric
Clinical Assistant Professor. Georgia State University & Georgia Institute of Technology. Research interests: urban inequality, equality of opportunity & socio-economic mobility; and twenty-first century employment structures.

LeRoux, Kelly
Associate Professor. Ph.D., Political Science (2006):Wayne State University: nonprofit organizations, social services, government-nonprofit relations, service contracting, and interlocal service delivery.

Merriman, David
Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professor. Ph.D., Public Economics (1983): University of Wisconsin at Madison: state and local public finance, urban and regional economics, fiscal federalism.

Pagano, Michael A.
Dean, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, Professor. Ph.D., Government, University of Texas at Austin (1980): budgeting and finance, urban policy, federalism and intergovernmental relations. Editor, Urban Affairs Review.

Siciliano, Michael D.
Assistant Professor. Ph.D., Public Policy and Public Administration, University of Pittsburgh (2012): Public policy, quantitative methods, social network analysis and theory, performance measurement.

Snyder, Thomas
Clinical Professor, MPA Director of Graduate Studies. Ph.D., Urban Planning, Harvard University (1986): Public Finance, Financial Management and Budgeting, Transportation and Infrastructure Finance, Pricing and Planning,Urban Economics and Economic Development, Program Evaluation and Cost-Benefit Analysis, Quantitative Methods and Econometrics, Land Use Planning and Regulation, Intergovernmental Fiscal Policy and Education Finance.

Thompson, James R.
Associate Professor. Ph.D., Public Administration, Syracuse University (1996): human resource management, public management, information technology, qualitative methodology, local government management, organization theory.

Warnecke, Richard
Professor and Director Health Policy Center. Ph.D., Sociology, Duke University (1966): research methods, evaluation research, health policy, medical sociology, cancer control.

Wu, Yonghong
Associate Professor. Ph.D., Syracuse University (2004): state and local economic development, public finance issues in the science and technology policy arena, state and local tax policy, local property and telecommunications taxes.

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