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Located within the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, the Department of Public Administration offers both masters and PhD degrees in public administration.


Our mission is to advance the practice of and research on public administration and policy in the urban area of Chicago and beyond through providing an excellent graduate professional education, disseminating scholarly and engaged research to relevant audiences at home and abroad, and contributing service to public and professional communities.

MPA Mission Statement: The UIC MPA program promotes excellence through professional education in a diversity of public service careers in public, nonprofit, and private sectors, informed by scholarly research, engaged with administrative and policy communities, and dedicated to ethical and equitable practice.


Prospective Students Inquiries

For more information or to receive information regarding our degree programs through the mail, you may contact us directly at 312-996-2160 or

For applicants requesting information on the status of their application, please contact Sarah McDonald at

For applicants inquiring about financial aid opportunities, transfer credit petitions, and first-term advising, please contact Sharon Hayes, Assistant to the Head, at or 312-996-2160.

The Department of Public Administration
412 South Peoria Street 130 CUPPA Hall (M/C 278)
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: 312.996.3109
Fax: 312.996.8804


Alumni Testimonials

2012 MPA

Practical, versatile, foundational, relevant, transformational.

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