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Are you unsatisfied with the policy choices presented by candidates for public office in this election season? Concerned about global climate change, racial and economic inequality, health care costs, immigration and refugees, or even your growing student loan debt? Then major or minor in Public Policy, and learn how to be a change-maker.

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Spring 2017  Courses in Public Policy

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PA 100 – Individual Action and Democratic Citizenship
3 hours. Individual and Society course.
Concerned about what a new President means for you and your community? Learn how to become
more involved as a citizen in your government and find out ways you can work to make
change on the issues you care about. (CRN 39818) TR 12:30PM – 1:45PM

PA 210 – Introduction to Policy Process
3 hours. US Society course.
Why is immigration reform such a big issue today, but access to food for the hungry is a problem that gets little attention? Why does government decide to devote resources to some problems but
not others? Who are the actors involved in defining these problems and getting the government to take action? Intro to the Policy Process will examine these questions.
(CRN 39634) MWF 11 AM – 11: 50 AM

PA 211 – Policy Analysis and Alternatives
3 hours. US Society Course.
Problems like gun violence, failing urban schools, student loan debt, and access to health care often do not have a single easy solution. Looking at these and other issues, students will learn how government decision makers weigh different options for dealing with public problems to arrive at the best possible outcome for citizens. (CRN 36362) MWF 10 AM – 10:50 AM

PA 230 – Nonprofit Organizations in U.S Society
3 hours. US Society Course.
From organizing protest movements such as Black Lives Matter to addressing poverty and unemployment
through social entrepreneurship, nonprofits play important roles in American society. This course will
examine these and many other ways nonprofits impact the social, political, and economic dimensions of US society. (CRN 36904) TR 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM

PA 305 – Urban Government II: Managing the External Environment
3 hours. Public problems are complex and often require government to partner with other governments, as well as private or nonprofit organizations in order to effectively solve problems. This course will examine the various ways that local governments work with state and federal government as well as the private sector to address issues such as transportation, public safety, disaster response, and social services. (CRN 37758) TR12:30 PM – 1:45 PM

PA 309 – Public Budgeting and Financial Management
3 hours. Public budgets are a statement of government’s priorities. This course examines the
public budgeting process, exposing students to critical considerations on both the revenue side and
expenditure side of the process. (CRN 37759) TR 2 PM – 3:15 PM

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