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The UIC MPA program promotes excellence through professional education in a diversity of public service careers in public, nonprofit, and private sectors, informed by scholarly research, engaged with administrative and policy communities, and dedicated to ethical and equitable practice.

What are the responsibilities of your advisor?

What are the responsibilities of the student?

What is the role of the director of graduate studies?
The director of graduate studies handles issues relating to:

What is the role of staff?
The Assistant to the Head, Sharon Hayes ( is available to assist students with issues relating to course registration, enrolling in courses on which a hold has been placed, graduation requirements, etc. Sharon is also available to provide general advice to students on curriculum requirements, scheduling, and course selection. Sharon has access to the official transcript of each student including grade history. Sharon has Independent Study forms and handles petitions to the Graduate College.

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Advising Calendar
Course Scheduling Consideration
Four Year Course Schedule
Course Plan Form

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