MPA Degree Requirements


The UIC MPA program promotes excellence through professional education in a diversity of public service careers in public, nonprofit, and private sectors, informed by scholarly research, engaged with administrative and policy communities, and dedicated to ethical and equitable practice.

Degree Requirements

Minimum Semester Hours Required: 54 credit hours.

Course Work

Required Core Courses

Full time students are required to take PA 401, 402, and 591 in their first semester and the first six courses over their first three semesters. PA 590 will be required in one of the last two semesters and PA 592 in the last semester.

In addition to the core courses, students must select one of five areas of concentration:

Each concentration requires four courses (16 hours). Students have the option to create their own specialized (Self-Directed) concentration with faculty approval. Click here to download a curriculum guide with each concentrations course requirements.

Students must take two elective courses (or equivalent), that should be selected by the student with approval of their advisor which support their educational, career and professional objectives.


Alumni Testimonials

2012 MPA

Practical, versatile, foundational, relevant, transformational.

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