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Welcome to the The Department of Public Administration current student’s home. This section of the website contains forms, documents, links and information that current students may find useful. Should you have a question that is not addressed here, our department staff will be happy to assist you. Please contact Sharon Hayes or Sarah McDonald.

MPA Mission Statement: The UIC MPA program promotes excellence through professional education in a diversity of public service careers in public, nonprofit, and private sectors, informed by scholarly research, engaged with administrative and policy communities, and dedicated to ethical and equitable practice.

Below, you will find a table with ARY-5 Cohort’s initial enrollment numbers, how many of those enrolled graduated within the program design length (2 years full time), and within 150% and 200% of program design length. Note that the numbers in each successive column are cumulative, meaning that the number of students in the column for 200% of degree length should include the numbers of students from the 150% column, plus those that graduated within 150-200% of program length.

Enrollment Numbers (ARY-5 Cohort)


Initially Enrolled Graduated 100% or Degree Program Length Graduated 150% of Degree Program Length Graduated 200% of Degree Program Length
Total Number of Students in the ARY-5 Cohort 60 42 55 58

Alumni Testimonials

2012 MPA

Practical, versatile, foundational, relevant, transformational.

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