Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy (BAPP)

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shutterstock_77292175The BAPP is unique in that it provides the only opportunity on the UIC campus to gain both a general foundation in the American policy process and tools to analyze policy problems, as well as more specialized coursework in a policy field of the student’s choosing (education policy, environmental policy, social welfare policy, etc). Business, government, and the civic sector are becoming increasingly interconnected through partnerships and collaborative efforts to respond to society’s problems and needs. Therefore, an understanding of public policy can be relevant and beneficial for all students. Public policy affects all aspects of society from the economy to healthcare, the environment, education, international relations, and more.

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy is designed to enhance understanding of public problems and how governments attempt to address them. The BAPP may be useful for students considering careers in a variety of policy-related fields, including jobs in policy analysis institutes, research and not-for-profit organizations, and as consultants for business and government entities.

A bachelors of arts degree in public policy prepares you for many different types of job opportunities as well as prepares you for graduate studies in a variety of fields. Some students may choose to apply their policy skills by entering the job market directly after graduation. The BAPP prepares students for jobs working as legislative staff members, political campaign staff, working in policy institutes or think tanks, careers within local, state, or federal government, a wide variety of jobs within the nonprofit sectors, and even some positions within private industry, such as government relations staff. The BAPP also provides an excellent foundation for those planning to pursue graduate studies in fields such public administrations, public policy, law, public health, political science, and other fields.

Admission Requirements

New first year students interested in admission to the BA in Public Policy program must apply using the Common Application and be admitted by the Department of Public Administration, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs. Admission is competitive, and preference is given to those applicants selected to have the best potential for academic success. See the Admissions section for more information.

Transfer students who have completed a minimum of 24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours of transferable college course work by the time of application, and do not meet the definition of an incoming first year or readmission applicant may apply to transfer into the BA in Public Policy. While 24 semester or 36 quarter hours are the minimum number of hours required, most curricula require additional credit hours and the completion of some specific core first year courses. The minimum transfer grade point average for admission is 2.00/4.00. See the Admissions section for additional information.

Apply with The Common Application .

UIC students that would like to transfer into the BAPP program can submit the following Change of College/Curriculum Form to Sharon Hayes (

City Colleges of Chicago students interested in transferring to UIC in might want to look into the Pathway Partnership. City Colleges of Chicago has partnered with UIC to create pathways from CCC Associate degrees to select majors. Click here to see the pathway for Political Science to Public Policy.

Degree Requirements

Visit the Course Catalog page to view the BAPP degree requirements. You can download a .pdf of the requirements by clicking here.

PA Undergraduate course listings can be found on the UIC Catalog website.

For more information about the Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy please contact Dr. Kelly LeRoux, Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Public Administration.


Public Policy Specializations

Public Policy Specializations

Kelly LeRoux
Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor
Public Administration (M/C 278), AEH 2109
phone: 312-355-4482


Ric Kolenda 
Undergraduate Faculty Advisor and Clinical Assistant Professor
Public Administration (M/C 278), AEH 2118
phone: 312-355-2672


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