Assistant Professor Job talk presentations schedule

December 4, 2015

Please attend the following presentations by candidates for the position of assistant professor in the Department of Public Administration.

Jiahuan Lu
The Performance of Performance-Based Contracting in Human Services
Monday, December 7th
3 – 4pm, CUPPA Hall 262

Jesus Valero
Effective Public Service Collaboration: The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Homeless Services
Wednesday, December 9th
2 – 3pm, CUPPA Hall 262

Will Swann
Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit Through Integration: Modeling the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Urban Sustainability Performance
Thursday, December 10th
3:30 – 4:30pm, CUPPA Hall 262

Hyunkang Hur
Job Security Rule Changes and Employee Affective Organizational Commitment: A Natural Experiment
Monday, December 14th
9 – 10am, CUPPA Hall 262

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