Writing Workshop – Oct 1st 6pm

September 20, 2013
Writing Workshops
Students and teachers are painfully aware that a number of students require assistance with writing papers, activity reports, summaries etc.. After the first writing workshop on September 17, two more have been scheduled:
September 26 and October 1, 2013
Grant Hall, Room 104 (UIC’s Writing Center)
6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

There is a limit of 12 to 15 students for each workshop, so be sure to send an email “registering” for a specific date to either of the following two email addresses: emuhle1@uic.edu or jemuhlenberg@yahoo.com.

This is a workshop, and an informal one at that. How often we meet depends on student needs, but generally (except for the beginning) no more frequently than once every two weeks. Attendance at any of them is entirely the student’s choice – they may come when they need help or they may come regularly. It’s been the Writing Center’s experience and mine also that anyone improves their writing most by practice, practice, practice. The workshop adds regular feedback to the practice.

Two important things to note about this workshop:

1) it will NOT be a general lecture/class on writing. Those classes are available through other venues, i.e. the English Department.
2) everyone who participates also contributes. The student’s required contribution is a writing sample (minimally one page), sent to me via email the day before the workshop. It can be a reading summary for class, a page (or a few pages) from a paper for another class, or some other piece of writing that the student is finding challenging. The primary difficulties/problems/issues that emerge from the writing samples I receive become the topic of the workshop. To put it bluntly, the workshop focuses on the writing of those who email me writing samples. They will receive written feedback as well.
The workshop is planned as an informal, relaxed learning environment. Come and find out that others struggle with writing challenges as well!
Contact information:
Dr. Elisabeth Muhlenberg
emuhle1@uic.edu  or  jemuhlenberg@yahoo.com

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